Food is an essential component of societal well-being and agriculture monitoring is critical for all nations. A dozen of operational large scale monitoring systems distributed across the world integrate information from earth observation, supporting the agricultural and development policies for what concerns import and export of agricultural products, support to farmers and food security.

Strategic investments over the next 10 years in earth observations, involving new satellite series and near-real time ground-based measurements, could revolutionize agricultural production monitoring, leading to improved management of our agricultural resources, helping to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

The objective of this workshop is to review the state-of-the-art, the current issues and the way forward in agricultural monitoring systems for the different regions of the world.  Key recommendations will be formulated in order to improve food security and agricultural production monitoring on a global scale, taking into account policy evolutions, agro-ecosystems diversity and satellite system developments.

The workshop frames under the GMES initiative and is a contribution to the GEO Agricultural Monitoring Task (Ag 0703) which has the goal of improving international coordination on earth observation for enhanced agricultural monitoring.